My name is Claudia and I am a student .... a very attractive and sexy student girl. I offer you the right service and I am a sweet company for any adventures.
I love to be stylish with all my clothing and accessories, especially with my handbags. To me they're the most important accessory in my wardrobe. My bags are very personal to me; they show people who I am. Black leather color is my favourite, perfectly matching my sexy leather outfits. Men are always turned on by women in black leather :) I have bags for every occasion.....
Small stylish clutch bags when going to the theatre, cinema or dinner....just enough to carry my phone, credit card, lipstick and a couple of other trifles. Essential and elegant.
My medium size handbags are for stepping out during the day, whether for work, a walk in the city, or just hanging out with friends. They look great on my figure.
My big bags are for documents, shopping, and traveling. I like rectangular bags with a clear shape that's beautiful but practical, with zippers and buttons and handles of all sizes.
Whatever the occasion, my bags always complement my wardrobe, my personality, and my figure.
Would't you like to go for a stroll with me? )

Student girl Claudia. She treats her clients with all her sorts of gifts.

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