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Today the demand for erotic massage in Moscow is at an all-time high. Many tourists, expats and business traveler are looking for a nice aroma sensual massages with vanilia scent which are also in hot demand for visiting men. Massages are treatments that relieve stress and allow you to relax in a serene environment, and the friendly Eden atmosphere ensures everyone feels at ease away from the hustle and bustle of life. Each masseur is fully customized to your individual needs.

The massage program includes gentle caresses with kisses that will make you lose yourself in a feeling of total bliss. The classic part includes a joint warm-up, head and face massage, Thai body massage, shower together and all lingam massage techniques. The scent of aromatic oil will immerse you in deep relaxation and pleasure.

Unforgettable feelings. First, we bring for your attention the offer of an elite oil tantra massage just for adults, and the perfect leisure time for men. A long and a breathtaking rub massage session is just what you deserve after a hard days’ work, wouldn’t you agree? Erotic massage awakens and restarts one's sensuality. The first part of the massage will relax you and the build up through the session is oriented to deliver the explosive ending. Besides, our outcall and incall erotic massage services in Moscow are total deep relaxing experience throughout the body. They benefit both skin and mind, for instance, through significant stress reduction, physical rejuvenation, increased energy levels ... and a refined sense of calm and well-being.

Allow yourself to take a break from fatigue, immerse yourself in oases of relaxation, love, care and recharge your batteries, whether it be a classic touching massage or a sport massage. I want to add that our exclusive massages provide deep relaxation and wellness. In addition, the session includes a sensual therapy and a final lingam, erotik masaj moskova. The lingam massage is a purely part of the Tantra massage experience. Take you to a new level of relaxation. What are you waiting for? 🍓

Body to Body

One of our masseuse shared her body-to-body massage experience with a twist. This massage begins with a traditional classic massage where the therapist massages you to release all tension. Then, teasing you with her touch, the masseuse slides her naked body down your back, touching you with her breasts. She touches your hair, your ears with her lips. Close your eyes, let your senses sharpen, breathe in the sweet scent of her presence that cannot be forgotten. The therapist's unique approach to using her rubbing, stroking, rotating and sliding skills can help evoke spark and chemistry.

Body-to-Body massage offers many benefits, from physical to psychological and emotional:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves efficiency of digestive system
  • Helps skin condition (e.g. reduces appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite)
  • Helps muscle aches and strains
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Helps with intimacy and trust issues
  • Promotes an overall healthy mental wellbeing
  • Improves sex drive
  • Reduces erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence
  • Pain relief from urinary and prostate problems.
Nude massage

A liberating kind of erotic massage is a session in which the patient is in the nude. A comfortable bed, candles and music will allow you to easily find a physical connection with the therapist, and the body-to-body technique will immerse you in a state of peaceful harmony. Emotional tension can be relieved by mutual touching, stimulating movements, and culminating in a discharge, during which you will feel a sense of relief. The massage is performed using natural oils. Nudist or nude massage is nearby, open right now, completely confidential, perfectly relieves stress, removes negative energy and ignites the soul.

Touching massage

Erotic comes from the Greek word ‘Eros’ meaning desire. In order to stimulate desire, we use favourite techniques when the all the erogenous areas are touched and stimulated in order to give fantastic erotic sensations and happy ending feeling.

If you are feeling low with the stresses of life and are looking for the most pleasurable way to relax and unwind, relieve your tension, then there could be no better way than to experience one of our sensual massage. Treat yourself to something that every man should indulge in once in a while!

Tantra massage

Tantric healing massage. Tantra is an ancient form of healing massage that has been practiced for over six thousand years. Tantra massage is a combination of energy and spirituality. The purpose of tantra massage is to bring the body into harmony. It is classified as a healing technique that relieves physical stress and relieves emotional pain. Hence, it promotes deep relaxation, comfort and increased happiness. Tantric massage is also used as a method for sexual healing, for example from sexual trauma or negative conditions. Thus, it brings security and trust while enhancing self-confidence. Discover the joy of life. Pamper yourself. Be persistent and know what it means to experience tanra massage.

Soapy Aqua Massage

Awaken your senses with our luxurious soapy aqua massage. "Soap massage" is usually done in the shower. This is an erotic massage that includes water, foam and light erotic touches. First, you will take a warm shower and the water will help keep you relax. Secondly, the masseuse will give you a full body massage. Third, you will be dried and sent to the bed for a happy ending.

Massage for couples

Allow your relationship to soar to a new fresh and super sensual dimension with Elite Services couples Massage in Moscow – a safe but thrilling way in which to enhance your erotic pleasure together.

We offer a unique massage opportunity for couples. Couples are often unable to find the fire that was once there. Our couples massage techniques will re-ignite that flame of satisfaction. And beyond the physical satisfaction, the sensual experience we provide invariably strengthens your emotional ties with a powerful surge of passion for each other......immersing the two of you in an ocean of tenderness. Our massage is a celebration for your senses, introducing you to the types of touch which will allow you to maintain your intimate moments at the highest thresholds of sensual ecstasy......

Anti-stress massage

A cozy and romantic atmosphere, and the music of the buddha sets you up for the beautiful, your masseuse slowly undresses, delighting and teasing you. Admire and let your body relax with a sensual erotic massage. You will be spoiled by caresses and light rubbing, and a massage specialist will select the right approach for you to make you satisfied. Be bold and try sensual massage for couples to spice up your life. Generally treatment may last between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Beneficial treatment of erotic massage include:

  • Easing of physical and emotional pressure
  • Relaxation of muscles to improve flexibility
  • Lastly well improved circulation throughout the body
  • Invigorate your body and mind
Hot oil massage

Well, Unlike unilateral massage, mutual massage is a type of session that allows you to gently caress the masseuse just for your pleasure. Relax and cheer yourself up! Massage her body with gentle oil, touch her breasts, thighs, legs. By touching your "Lingam", you will both achieve bliss. A longer session will lead you to a state of complete peace. In other words, body to body erotic massage is the combination of traditional Thai massage with sensuality and massage movements that run through your entire body with hot oils to end with the perfect sensuality. Your erotic masseuse performs the massage completely naked to feel your body in each step of the erotic body to body massage.

Elite Services is an Executive Moscow Massage Service. Delivering complete client satisfaction, we respect your desire for complete confidentiality. Please be aware that Elite Services is not a massage parlour. We pride ourselves on providing luxury visiting massage services to Moscow Hotels and private residences. Speak to our knowledgable and discreet receptionists today to find out how we can realise your tantric massage pleasure. Experience The Tantalising Treats On Offer For The Ultimate In Adult Massage In Moscow.

In case you would like to request particular therapist, please try to contact us beforehand to help us make the necessary arrangements for your appointment. Daytime discount of 10%. We are waiting to pamper you!

Our rates

All massage sessions are hostet and provided by highly qualified and experienced massage therapists.

Tantra and Erotic massage outcall

1 hour - 150
1,5 hours - 170
2 hours - 200

Swedish and deep tissue massage with erotic touch

1 hour - 150
1,5 hours - 170
2 hours - 200

Body to body massage, hot oil massage

1 hour - 150
1,5 hours - 170
2 hours - 200

Naked or nude massage outcall

1 hour - 150
1,5 hours - 170
2 hours - 200

Massage for couples outcall

2 hours - 350

Foot fetish massage

100 on top

Mutual Touching massage

100 on top

Gay massages

1 hour - 180

Aqua shower or soap massages

(In combination with other type of massage) Free of charge with any 2 hours erotic massage.


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