Classy Alexa

I am an elegant girl of great cultivation and charm, who talks well and fluently with imagination and humor. I love painting by Salvador Dali. I have chosen a religious scene to share with you my view. Christ of Saint John of the Cross-is a painting by Salvador Dali made in 1951. It depicts Jesus Christ on the cross in darkened sky floating over a body of water complete with boat and fisherman. Although it is a depiction of the crucification, it is devoid of nails, blood, and a crown of thorns, because according to Dali, he was convinced by a dream that these features would mar his depiction of Christ. The painting has an amazing feel of elevation and optical illusion. It is an image that can startle the viewer and can shock people because it depicts a low death. The painting has attracted some controversy among religious group and about 20 years, a religious fanatic walked up to the painting with a knife and slashed the painting with the knife, almost destroying it. The painting was thankfully restores to its former glory through hard work done by the gallery of Glasgow. Salvador Dali said that he wanted the painting to provoke some sort of reaction in people. Would you like to have me as your art critic next time? ;)

I am a cross between a shy person and the volcano of passions. I love to be stylish with all my clothing. I like to wear an unusual hand printed t-shirts with a picture of a Russian flag or beautiful silk shirts with a delicate floral pattern or a stunning pair of elegant high-heeled shoes covered in silver. I like reading books by authours such as Pelevin, Hermann Hesse, Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, foreign fiction.
The Devil Wears Prada - one of my favorite movie.

When you see me it is easy to believe that I am talented in everything and also in choosing clothes. Suits colors and tint don't matter until they fetch out my slim body.

I combine my skirts, dresses with bags and shoes and knee - high leather black Italian boots. I have several really beautiful dresses I can wear to some restaurant to dance all night away. "Everybody wants to be me"


Feel free to write and call me. I really love to communicate with my clients.