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Hello dear, a tough day or a long week? ... and you want to throw yourself an unforgettable party. I am a friendly escort girl. I am fire and ice, naughty and sweet. I love meeting new people. Furthemore, I’m looking for new experiences. Likewise, I will be glad to meet you in my historic city Moscow. What can we do together? Anything that turns you on. I will create an atmosphere of an exciting adventure that will give a mood of peace and tranquility. Only you and I. Come and ignite your senses. Call me to book an appointment to start the fire.

photos of the restaurant

Our meeting at the restaurant had been rotating in my mind the whole day. By the way I want to say some words about my recent visit to one of the Moscow restaurants. On our first date, my encounter friend took me to a really posh restaurant. Clearly wanting to impress me. I wore a beautiful silk shirt with a delicate floral pattern. A stunning new pair of elegant shoes covered in gold. This restaurant has a cross between Chinese and European food. To get to this place you have to go up beautiful marble stairs. Behind the big glass doors you are welcomed by the staff. I am romantic that’s why I like to have dinner by the light of small twinkling candles. At first, we ordered a bottle of ice-cold water and with some fresh mint leaves and a slice of lemon and delicate dry white wine. For starters, we had crunchy small soft octopus with creamy sauce in a small ceramic bowl. You can soak up the sauce with octopus, and it is very delicious. The next dish was warm square pieces of eggplants with sweet spicy sauce the main dish we canceled because we were full and hot by that moment so instead of a main dish we ordered a succulent cold watermelon. We went to his hotel’s room quickly where we had a passionate night. A strong wake me up Italian espresso and a slice of delicious home-made apple pie cheered me up next morning. My friend left, but we had a great romantic time together. Hope, we will meet soon. By the way, this restaurant offers a lot of game fish. Here is an incomplete list of the varieties: sea bass, silver and speckled trout, pike, flounder, mullet, perch, catfish, gar, and tarpon (sometimes called the silver king). Oysters, shrimps and shellfish abound. I recommend this pleasant place in Moscow to all couples in love.

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