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  • Dear guests, I am a Russian escort girl from Moscow Masha who offers hotel outcall. First of all, for those who are always looking for a beautiful combination of a nice half-innocent, half - voluptuous I am the one your need to meet. Besides, I am a girl who is a tribute to today's femininity. With me, you may quickly escape from the mundane and realize all your wild fantasies with the woman of your dreams.

    Well first of all the main thing you need to know is that as a young girl I was known in sports clubs for my athletic talents, competitiveness, and diligence...and someone adult recommended golf. I started playing and quickly became a top seed. Training camps, competitions, championships, escort and my companions drew me into the world of strong-minded, accomplished people. My coaches taught me to develop my strategy, use my game plan, and control my emotions while still enjoying the game. I loved the physical workout where you have to maintain your strength, your concentration, and your emotional state for many hours every day. Mental finesse, coordination of movements, speed, energy, muscle reaction are the major components of winning. On top of that I could also add that golf can be an easy game if you're "on", or a difficult one if bad mood, physical conditions, or stress get in your way. In fact golf is a way of life, and practice is necessary every day to keep your body, legs, arms and ass perfectly fit. Something else that I need to comment on is that I'm still an "amateur" and compete only for prizes, one of my favourite prizes are sexy playing partners and massage sessions. Wouldn't you love to have me as your golf naughty guide next time? Call me to start our hot game. WhatsApp

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