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  • Hello dear. First of ll, I am sensual, sexy, seductive, escort girl Olga and skilled Russian masseuse from Moscow. I am discreet, friendly and a strong personality. I can become a great companion for you at a business meeting, your best friend at a party, and in the evening can fulfill your innermost adult desires. Furthemore, I might be a bit inexperienced but with lack of experience I am more passionate in providing you fascinating companionship. You can always show me something new or take me somewhere where I have never been. You needn't worry about communicating with me during our date, I have a very good grasp of the English language and I love to further improve it. In addition, I am engaged in fitness, dance, yoga, art. In fact painting is my passion. One of my favourite paintings is The Rider. Here is her brief description. A young and energetic beauty is riding a horse, she's wearing fancy and fashionable clothes. She is wearing a floor-length dress and a fashionable hat with a long green veil. The rider is young and confident. She easily stops the horse at the porch of her house. She is proud and admiring of herself because she feels a thrilling strength and fervor. She sits masterfully on the back of her hot horse. You can see that daily training has instilled patience and strength in her character. She looks forward to love, happiness, romance and a bright tomorrow. This picture thrills me and inspires me to live, create and evolve. Watching this painting, I realise that I want to be a guide. So actually as you could have already notices I am ready to be your escort guide. 🍓 WhatsApp

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